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We are the global leaders in the delivery of ICAM investigation products and services.


Safety Wise has a multi-disciplined team of highly skilled Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) experts located throughout Australia, in North America and Southern Africa.  Our consultants have backgrounds in:


  • HSE Management

  • Psychology/Behavioural science

  • Mining, Engineering and Construction

  • Aviation, Rail and Maritime operations

  • Emergency and Crisis Management

  • Environmental Management

  • Manufacturing


Our consultants are able to provide highly objective and confidential investigations into workplace incidents or near misses from leading complex Legal and Professional Privilege (LPP) investigations to providing practical advice on minor events in the following industries:


  • Surface transportation - rail, heavy vehicle and maritime

  • Aviation - air transport, airports and airspace management

  • Mining and resources sector

  • Energy and power transmission/generation

  • Essential services industries - fire, ambulance, emergency services

  • Environmental harm and dangerous goods

  • Service industries -retail, healthcare


Safety Wise is the world's leading training service provider of the globally accepted systemic safety investigation analysis method known as ICAM.


As the original architect of the ICAM process, Safety Wise provides course facilitators with both formal vocational training qualifications and second to none experience in practically applying the ICAM process in a variety of industrial settings. ICAM training is provided throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, North America, South Africa and Latin America, customised to national culture and language requirements.


Specific ICAM training services include:

  • ICAM Lead Investigator Course (2 days) - Designed for individuals who are expected to lead or facilitate low level event investigations and will be called upon to participate in high level events and then lead when experienced.

  • ICAM Basic Investigator Course (1 day) - Designed for individuals who may participate in the investigations of low-level events and near misses.

  • ICAM Champions program (1 day) - Customised training for clients who are  looking for step level quality improvement in the application of ICAM within their business.

  • ICAM Governance (4 hours) - This course provides a high-level overview of the ICAM process and discusses key organizational management perspectives. Designed for directors and senior managers within an organization where  ICAM investigations are practiced and who are responsible for commissioning investigations and/or receiving investigation reports.

  • ICAM Refresher program (1 day) - Refreshing of the ICAM process for those  who need skills update or have not used the process for some time.

  • ICAM Awareness (2 hours) - Designed for company boards or senior  management to understand how ICAM could be applied within their business and the benefits offered via the adoption of a standardised investigation method.

  • e-Learning ICAM - Our highly interactive and engaging online Team training module is a great tool to raise awareness of the ICAM process or as a Refresher for those already training. It comes as a standalone unit or bundled with our Investigator Toolkit.


All our consultants have worked as HSE managers or practitioners in a variety of industries and are highly skilled at providing practical advice to clients on: 

  • The robustness and effectiveness of risk management controls

  • Benchmarking of HSE management systems against established standards or contemporary practice

  • The effectiveness of incident management systems, including quality reviews of incident investigations

  • Adequacy of due diligence programs, including contractor management

  • Development of lead/positive safety performance indicators


Some of our consultants have backgrounds in applied psychology and human factors and have successfully helped clients in the following areas:

  • Analysis of the scope, incidence and underlying reasons for safety non-compliance behaviour

  • Development and implementation of culturally customised human factors/error management training

  • Safety leadership and Cultural change programs

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