Connie Ellis

Administration Manager

Connie has spent 5 years with the RACV group as their consulting lead for the Memberships division, specifically nurturing the RACV Club members nationally. The role was designed to consult with key members to ensure all members customer experience and journey was of the highest standard.  


Prior to RACV, Connie was part of Exego group's main Retail brand, REPCO for 5 years, looking after the Petrol and Convenience division's largest national customers, from Caltex, Coles, BP, 7/11 and UCB. Connie also managed the customers market needs such as ordering processes, point of sale and promotional activities and market share reporting. 


Connie's experiences have seen her gain extensive customer partnership knowledge and practices from creating membership trading terms, designing field consultants to drive in field excellence and monitor corporate governance processes.