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& 5 WHYS

Our new Fundamentals course is designed for those who are new to investigations and those who will also support higher-level investigations.

A key focus of this course is using 5 Why's as opposed to ICAM during the data analysis stage of the investigation.


The Incident Cause Analysis Method (ICAM) is a popular and widely applied workplace incident investigation method. It has come a long way since its BHP evolution (original author) in 1998 and has been further developed by Safety Wise through a suite of manuals and training packages. Today Safety Wise has trained more than 100,000 people globally in ICAM in 7 languages and across 43 countries.


However, the usefulness of ICAM as a tool is only as good at its ability to respond to industry needs and requirements as well as keep up to date with contemporary incident investigation practice.

Some users believe that conducting a 5 Whys analysis is a necessary step when conducting an ICAM investigation. Safety Wise believes this to be a redundant step and here we explain why.



Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of undertaking an incident investigation into a low-level incident.


This will be done using the 7 step incident management process:

  1. Immediate Actions

  2. Investigation Planning

  3. Data Gathering- PEEPO and an Introduction to interview techniques

  4. Data Organisation- Introduction to developing timelines

  5. Data Analysis- 5 Whys process

  6. Recommend- Developing recommendations

  7. Report- Introduction to preparing and writing reports



Learning Outcomes

  • Classify events by risk level

  • Recognise the need to conduct an investigation

  • Enable a basic understanding of human error

  • Effectively investigate an incident using 5 Whys to identify contributing Organisational Factors

  • Make recommendations aimed at reducing risk and preventing recurrence


Q. When is the new course going to go live for delivery?

A. June 2022

Q. What has been updated?

A. We have created a 5 Whys Pocket Investigation Guide, a student workbook, as well as developed specific case studies to work through, along with supporting videos

Q. Is 5 Whys included in the ICAM Lead Investigator course?

A. No. We removed 5 Whys from our online Lead Investigator course over 12 months ago. To understand why we made this decision, CLICK HERE

Q. Will the Fundamentals course be available as a public course or an in-house course?

A. Both!

Q. Is the new course available in English only?

A. We have options- let's chat about your specific needs

Q. Can our company book a Refresher course to get the latest training and materials?

A. If you've completed ICAM Lead training from 2016 - 2021, yes you can! If you completed training prior to 2016, you will need to do the full course.

Q. Is this new course available for delivery only in Australia?

A. No! We will be delivering this course globally 

Q. Does the course content align with the online Lead Investigator course?

A. Sure does! The new course materials (Student Workbook) and investigation tools (Pocket Investigation Guide and Poster)  will also be included with the online course in January 2022

Q. Can this course be contextualized to align with our company policies and processes?

A. Absolutely! All of our courses can be. But.... any change we make, must not compromise the integrity of either the ICAM or 5 Whys process

Q. Can course materials and the investigation tools be contextualized?

A. You bet they can be! But.... any change we make, must not compromise the integrity of the ICAM process


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