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Geoff Roberts


Geoff has been involved with aviation all his working life and has been passionate about flying since he was a child.


He has a background as a rotary-wing and fixed-wing pilot in both military and civilian fields and has an inmpressive track record in management and leadership roles.


Geoff’s passion for the management of aviation risk stems from his inquiring mind and desire to improve safety outcomes. 


He has been involved in multiple high-profile aircraft incident and accident investigations and these skills have readily taken root in the broader application of ICAM to any field.


Geoff uses the skills developed as a senior flight instructor to assist organisations with incident investigations and facilitating investigation training.

Geoff has extensive skills and experience in:


  • Incident and Accident investigation across a broad range of industries

  • Development and implementation of customised flight safety programs

  • Aviation safety auditing, including airfield and helipad operations

  • Assistance and input to regulatory change

  • Training and Development

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