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John Cannizzaro


With much-coveted skills and experience cultivated in aviation and refined in the utilities and FMCG sector, John Cannizzaro brings a highly sought after aspect to the Safety Wise team.


Specialising in safety, quality and environment implementation and auditing, risk management and incident investigation, John combines his unique personal skillset (including determination, strong influencing, facilitation and leadership and relationship management expertise) to deliver compelling and convincing information.


John’s hands-on experience as an aircraft engineer through to corporate HSE management brings a practical, dynamic and passionate approach to health, safety, and environment and quality systems.


John has extensive skills and experience in:


  • Investigating incidents in the aviation, construction, logistics, utilities, FMCG & transport sectors

  • Developing and implementing health, safety, environment and quality management systems

  • Certified health, safety, environment and quality lead assessor

  • Developing and implementing management systems

  • Risk management in the aviation, utilities and FMCG industries.

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