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Jordan Vince

Regional Manager- Americas & Africa

Jordan has over 20 years of experience working in a variety of industries from mining, construction, transport and land development, plus has experience in the ICAM process starting in 2008.

Jordan’s passion for health and safety started early on with roles in urban search and rescue and wildland firefighting in the mountains of Western Canada.  His studies and experience allowed him to specialize in the field of environment, health and safety, working with a range of companies at a field management level to the corporate senior leadership level in the mining industry over the last 10 years. 

He has lived and worked in the former Soviet Union, Africa and currently in Canada, serving roles that have allowed him to lead multi-disciplinary teams in the creation and deployment of strategies to further improve health and safety performance.  Much of his experience involves working with a variety of cultures with mining companies in various stages of life of mine, both underground and open pit.

Some of Jordan’s work has involved developing innovative approaches to increasing safety leadership competency at the supervisory level, integrating risk management practices to drive business strategy, supporting the transfer of safety accountability to operations, and developing frameworks for advancing health and safety excellence.  

His experience in corporate safety leadership roles has given him a unique perspective in rolling out and internalizing standard investigation processes across multiple jurisdictions, plus has lead ICAM investigations for fatal and high-potential events.

Jordan has extensive skills and experience in training:

  • Risk management processes

  • Deployment of health and safety management standards

  • Supervisory safety leadership skill development

  • ICAM investigation and facilitation

  • Employee engagement and reporting culture development

  • Predictive health and safety indicators

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