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Ken Horspool


As one of the first consultants with Safety Wise, Ken’s experience has been very broad. He has conducted investigations into many serious incidents in mining, manufacturing and construction industries and trained supervisors and managers in the ICAM process.


Ken has extensive experience in South Africa and South East Asia including auditing investigation quality and Safety Management System performance in challenging cultural environments.


Ken’s career started with BHP Steel in Port Kembla (now Bluescope) as a metallurgist operating and managing Blast Furnaces for 25 years before an MBA focused on organisation development led him into Safety Management.


Incident Investigation fits neatly with Ken's passion for continuous improvement in both process and culture leading to safe, environmentally friendly and profitable businesses.

Ken has extensive skills and experience in:


  • Implementing and Auditing Safety Management System Best Practice

  • Customising behavioural safety and 'train the trainer' programs

  • Lead investigator experience across multiple industries and different cultural settings

  • Heavy-industry hazard management knowledge, including complex isolation and permit to work environments

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