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Liz Puddy 


Liz has over 21 years’ experience training and supporting a range of private and public sector organisations to prepare and respond effectively to incidents. As a private consultant since 2002, she has built systems and capabilities for crisis, emergency and incident response across sectors including mining, transport and logistics, engineering, chemicals, aged and disability support, and event management. Liz also worked extensively before 2002 to build crisis and emergency response capability in BHP Billiton.


She builds competencies and confidence, and organisational frameworks and procedures, to ensure prompt and intelligent decision-making under pressure. Her expertise lies in assistance organisations protect people’s safety and limit reputational, legal and financial damage.


With her extensive experience in audits, risk assessments, planning and testing response procedures and skills, reporting, and investigating incidents, emergencies and crises, Liz brings a distinct perspective to ICAM investigations and safety management.

Liz has extensive skills and experience in:


  • Building crisis and emergency management competency and plans

  • Emergency response procedures and drills

  • Investigating incidents and emergency responses

  • Risk and business impact assessments

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