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Since 2002, our ICAM Investigator tools and training have undergone significant changes and updates.

Our new Master Class series is preparing ICAM Incident Investigators for the challenges in industry in 2017 and beyond.


The ICAM Refresher course is the first stage of our Master Class series and offers participants a 1 day focused update for those that have already completed the 2 day Lead ICAM program but may not have conducted ICAM incident investigations for some time.


The refresher course is also relevant for those who are looking to upskill their understanding and practical application of the PEEPO and ICAM methodologies.



The course content includes:

  • An interactive refresher on how to conduct an ICAM using an example case study

  • Conducting a comprehensive PEEPO and identifying contributing versus non-contributing factors

  • How to differentiate between basic cause and contributing factors

  • Developing a simple timeline

  • How to systematically transition PEEPO contributing factors into the ICAM framework

  • Determining reasonable corrective actions


Participants will also be required to demonstrate their understanding of the above issues by conducting a practical team based investigation in small groups.


Course materials are provided including access to the applet MICAM - which provides step by step instructions on how to conduct an investigation downloadable on your smart phone device.


One-day course with expert facilitators
Comprehensive ICAM Toolkit
Exclusive MICAM access on your mobile

Access to one of our online assessments for:
RIIWHS301D - Conduct safety and health investigations (resources & construction industries)
BSBWHS515 - Lead initial response to and investigate WHS incidents (for business management)
PMAOHS310B - Investigate incidents (for petrochemical industry)
TLIF5017A - Investigate rail safety incidents (for rail industry)



The Advanced ICAM Investigator course will be the second stage of our Master Class series and offers participants a hands-on practical workshop for ICAM Investigators seeking to advance their skills.


Stay tuned for further developments and news on this exciting new workshop. 



I completed ICAM training with another training provider, can I participate in your Master Class?

Absolutely! We simply ask that you provide proof of participation   with a certified copy of the course certificate for our records.

How much will the Refresher Program cost?

The 1 (one) day program is $800, which will provide you with-

  • The latest Investigation Toolkit (Pocket Investigator Guide, Facilitators Guide, ICAM Resource Card and access to the MICAM applet)

  • Lunch and snacks throughout the day

  • The opportunity to learn from the most experienced ICAM Investigators in the world

Where will the Refresher Programs be offered?

Our pilot programs will be in Sydney and Perth initially, however   we plan to offer these globally in 2017 and beyond.

Who are your workshop facilitators?

You can check out their profiles in the "About Us" tab on our         website

When will the Advanced ICAM course be available?

We're still working on this, but it won't be too far away- why not     subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to     date? The signup link is at the bottom of this page.

What will set the Advanced ICAM Course apart from your standard Lead Investigator course?

The advanced ICAM course will be focused on hands-on practical application of the whole investigation process, from end to end.

How do I pay for the course?

As per all of our courses, you can pay online, EFT, over the phone or on a PO#. Morei

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