MICAM is now available to purchase


Using your smartphone or device, log into your Clui account with your email address and password. 


Navigate to the courses page


Click on MICAM, and click on Launch.

The the app will download to your device


Once it is downloaded, launch it as you would any other app on your phone or device. It will do a full download that may take up to 2 minutes. You can now use MICAM  anywhere in the world without an internet connection!

Frequently asked questions

What devices will MICAM work on?

MICAM will work on any device- iOS, android, Windows, etc

Do I need an internet connection to use MICAM?

You will to do the initial download. Once it is downloaded to your device, it will work anywhere regardless of connectivity.

When accessing and downloading for the first time, what browser do I need?

On an iOS device, you will need to use Safari. On all other devices, use the native browser for that device.

Does MICAM allow me to enter and record information about the investigation?

No. MICAM is a guide that provides a quick reference to the ICAM investigation process.

Does MICAM replace my Pocket Investigator Guide?

No. MICAM is a quick reference that can be accessed anywhere. We recommend utilising your Pocket Investigator Guide as the full reference tool when undertaking an investigation.