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Change can be a scary word. But not for us!

It was time for a review of our 2 day, ICAM Lead Investigator course.



Everyone has that favourite t-shirt, shoes or pair of pants, that they wear everywhere.

You know the ones. The ones with the holes and stains on them. But they're comfortable! I mean, there's still some good times to be had in them! Right?

Our ICAM Lead course was a bit the same.

I mean it served us well! Since 2002, we've trained over 110,000 people globally, across 43 countries and in 7 languages. I mean, leat's face it, that's a good innings!


It's been around the world so many times, we wish we could've got Frequent Flyer points for all the trips this course has been on!

This course has been delivered in war zones, in jungles, in the outback, in snowfields, in major cities, and small country towns. It's literally been everywhere!


From Sydney to China, to Russia, to United Arab Emirates, to the Congo, to Alaska, to New York, to London, and back again multiple times over!

But it was time to update it. It needed a bit of polish. It needed a bit of cosmetic work. It needed a few dings and a few wrinkles taken out of it.

So we assembled some of the best minds in the business and we pulled it apart. We reviewed it. We rewrote many parts of it. We touched up other parts.

And now we're ready to go!



We've done so much! We're so excitied!

  • We reviewed the Presentations

  • We rewrote the Case Studies

  • We aligned the case studies to Fatal Risk Types

  • We rewrote the Pocket Investigation Guide

  • We rewrote the Student Workbook 

  • We reviewed and streamlined the tools in the Investigation Toolkit

  • We developed new Videos to aid the training 

  • We updated the ICAM Poster



Q. When is the new course going to go live for delivery?

A. January 2022

Q. I've done ICAM Lead training after the 2016 release, do I need to do this update?

A. That's entirely your choice

Q. What has been updated?

A. See the above section, "What Have We Done?"

Q. Will the updated ICAM Lead course be available as a public course or an in-house course?

A. Both!

Q. Can I purchase the updated Pocket Investigator Guide?

A. If you've completed ICAM Lead training from 2016 - 2021, yes you can!

Q. Can our company book a Refresher course to get the latest training and materials?

A. If you've completed ICAM Lead training from 2016 - 2021, yes you can! If you completed training prior to 2016, you will need to do the full course.

Q. I did my training prior to 2016, can I purchase the updated Pocket Investigator Guide?

A. No. We strongly recommend you do an update of our course to get the latest training and materials

Q. Is the new course available in English only?

A. We have options- let's chat about your specific needs

Q. Is this new course available for delivery only in Australia?

A. No! We will be delivering this course globally 

Q. We have ICAM Lead training booked between now and January- can we postpone it to ensure we get the latest?

A. Sure thing- let's chat!

Q. Is 5 Whys included in this course?

A. No. We removed 5 Whys from our online Lead Investigator course over 12 months ago. We still teach 5 Whys as a stand-alone course. To understand why we made this decision, CLICK HERE

Q. Does the course content align with the online Lead Investigator course?

A. Sure does! The new course materials (Student Workbook) and investigation tools (Pocket Investigation Guide and Poster)  will also be included with the online course in January 2022

Q. Can this course be contextualized to align with our company policies and processes?

A. Absolutely! All of our courses can be. But.... any change we make, must not compromise the integrity of the ICAM process

Q. Can course materials and the investigation tools be contextualized?

A. You bet they can be! But.... any change we make, must not compromise the integrity of the ICAM process


00:00    Welcome 

01:28    Background to ICAM

03:30    The early days of ICAM training

05:10    Why is ICAM so popular?

08:02    What updates have been made?

11:24    Fatal risk types

13:01    Feedback from clients that have driven these changes

15:50    5 Why's versus ICAM

20:15    Changes to investigation resources for investigators

24:48    Wrap up and conclusion

CLICK HERE to read our article- The Relationship Between ICAM and 5 Why's


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