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Why Safety Wise? Why ICAM?

We assist organisations conduct investigations of accidents, incidents and near misses. Our investigations are outcome-focused to identify remedial actions that prevent recurrence, reduce risk and improve operational performance.

We've spent nearly 15 years investigating some of the world’s most significant workplace incidents. As the founders of the ICAM methodology, we’re always fine-tuning our approach to ensure that our clients stay on the forefront of organisational improvement.

ICAM (Incident Cause Analysis Method) is about asking and answering 4 questions after an organisation has an undesired outcome such as an injury, environmental impact event or a business loss. The four questions are:

  1. What happened?

  2. Why did it happen?

  3. What are we going to do about it?

  4. What did we learn that we can share?

We aim to identify both the local factors and failures within the broader organisation and productive system that contributed to the incident. This includes leadership, communication, training, operating methodology, incompatible goals, change management, organisational culture, and organisational learning.

We analyse and identify what really went wrong and make recommendations for remedial actions to reduce risk and build error-tolerant defences against future incidents. The ICAM process incorporates best practice human factors and risk management principles.

To date, ICAM has been used to investigate incidents and accidents in the transport (aviation, rail, and road), resources, utilities, construction, and government services around the world.

Some quick stats

  • 70,000 people trained (face-to-face) in ICAM

  • 50,000 people trained online in ICAM (Team Member level)

  • Services delivered in over 43 countries

  • Over 400 investigations completed including near misses, high potentials (HiPo’s) and fatalities

  • 15 staff located around the world, available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week

Why would you trust anyone else?

Attributes of an Effective Investigator

Have you downloaded your copy of our free poster, "10 Attributes of an Effective Investigator"?

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Interested in Knowing More?

Further information on Safety Wise’s Incident Cause Analysis (ICAM) Training is available from our website:

Additional ICAM Related Services

Safety Wise also offers the following additional services for sites that adopt the ICAM investigation analysis method:

  • Quality review of incident investigations using ICAM

  • Trend analysis of organisational factors contributing to serious incidents

  • Participation in investigations as an external / independent party



Considered the ‘founding father’ of the ICAM method, our CEO, Gerry Gibb, has worked with some of the world’s leading organisations across multiple industries including mining, oil and gas, rail, aviation, sporting, health, government, and manufacturing.

Gerry’s passion for incident investigation, risk management and effective education strategies started off as an engineer in the Aviation Industry. During his time at BHP Billiton, he identified the opportunity to develop a standard approach to workplace incident investigations that could be applied globally and across any industry.

Gerry worked with the Global HSE team and relevant experts to understand and shape what an industry-leading process could look like. The result was the ICAM methodology, which is now considered the benchmark for incident investigations globally across multiple industries.

Under his guidance, Safety Wise continues to innovate and evolve ICAM to incorporate modern approaches, and add new tools to give investigators an edge.

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