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  • Are you a company who is thinking of introducing Safety Wise ICAM Training into your business ?

  • Are you in a position where you’re faced with the formidable task of investigating significant incidents?

  • Are you an Approving Officer and worry what you should be looking for before you sign-off the ICAM Report?

  • Do you just need to know about ICAM so you can help out as needed?

  • Have you done the ICAM Training and just need a bit of a refresher?

One search of the internet in relation to incident investigation training will show there are a multitude of various courses and training to compliment operational and technical skills of personnel. Upskilling to meet legislative requirements costs money and in a tight economic environment, it’s important that training dollars are allocated effectively. Personnel need to walk away with the appropriate, targeted competencies that they can apply back at work… and Managers need to see the return-on-investment (ROI) from the training expenditure.

As the original architects and world’s leading training provider of the Incident Cause Analysis Method (ICAM), here at Safety Wise we recognise that different levels of incident investigation training are required for different needs and we are constantly refining our services and products to meet specific industry needs.

We spent some time recently refining which courses meet different needs in relation to target questions for clients to consider. The intent of this article is to clarify our ICAM products and help you recognise which Safety Wise ICAM Training / Course is right for you. Figure 1. below summarises our seven main training / workshop products and a summary list follows that provides guidance questions and more information on each of these primary products.

Figure 1. Safety Wise - Seven Primary ICAM Training Products.

*Pre-requisite for attendance - Safety Wise ICAM Lead Training must have been completed within the last two years.

Our seven primary ICAM training / workshop products are complimented by four specialty modules we offer to further develop Lead Investigators and Investigation SME’s:

  • Simulated practical incident scenario / exercise

  • Investigation Report Writing

  • Witness Interviewing

  • 5 Why’s

Summary List - Safety Wise - Target Questions for our Seven Primary ICAM Training Products

ICAM Awareness Session (Duration - 2 Hours)

Are you a company or business who is thinking of implementing ICAM ? Are you a current client and need a high level overview for senior personnel to understand how their personnel are investigating incidents using ICAM?

The ICAM Awareness Presentation is designed for company boards or senior management to understand how ICAM could be / or is applied within their business. The benefits offered via the adoption of a standardised investigation method are demonstrated and specific questions answered. Information regarding best practice roll-out is also presented.

ICAM Governance Workshop (Duration - 4 hours)

Are you a Director, Senior Manager or designated Approving Officer responsible for commissioning investigations and/or receiving investigation reports for your sign off / approval?

The ICAM Governance Workshop provides a high-level overview of the ICAM Process and discusses key organisational management perspectives of investigations. Approving Officers need to know what to review before approving investigation reports. Tools for quality assurance / checks are discussed to ensure that investigations and reports are completed to a high standard.

ICAM Lead Course (Duration - 2 Days)

Are you in a position where you’re responsible for leading or facilitating low level event investigations and will be called upon to participate in high level investigations and then lead when experienced?

The ICAM Lead Investigator Course is the most popular of our courses. This face-to-face course can be delivered on-site or via a public course. Attendees obtain a thorough knowledge of theory and practical skills as well as tools and resources to help them investigate incidents back at the work site.

ICAM Champions Workshops (Duration - 1 Day Sessions)

Are you a Lead Investigator who requires specific training / guidance in some aspects of investigations ? Are you a Manager / Approving Officer who has identified there are common deficiencies from personnel investigating / submitting reports?

Our ICAM Champions Workshops are a face-to-face workshop where the client has identified they’d like a specific focus on certain aspects of the investigation process to refine and advance skills. This intensive program requires that attendees have already attended the Lead ICAM Training and further develops Lead Investigators into investigation SME’s.

ICAM Refresher Course (Duration - 1 Day)

Have you done the ICAM Training some time ago, yet never had to apply the skills and feel you don’t have the confidence to conduct or participate in an ICAM Investigation? Do you want an option to fully customise a refresher for site specific needs and / or focused on site specific issues?

The ICAM Refresher Course is designed for those who have already attended ICAM Training (this is a pre-requisite). An overview of ICAM is given to refresh knowledge and a syndicated exercise conducted.

ICAM Basic Course (Duration - 1 Day)

Are you in a position where you may not lead an ICAM Investigation but you may be called upon to support and assist during an investigation? Are you a Manager who may have attended the ICAM Awareness Brief or Governance Workshop but you really want to understand more and gain some applied skills yourself?

Our ICAM Basic Investigator Course is a face-to-face course offered to clients in-house. Attendees gain knowledge of the theory and apply them via a syndicated exercise in the afternoon.

ICAM TEAM Training (e-Learning Module. Duration: 2 - 3 hours on-line)

Are you in a position where you may be called upon to assist in investigations (eg. operations or production manager, technical expert etc.) and you just need an overview of the ICAM process to understand why the Lead Investigator is doing what they’re doing?

Our TEAM Training is an on-line training module designed for those will who support and assist Lead Investigators. It can be purchased as a bundle which includes the Investigator Tool-Kit.

Hopefully the target questions in this article will assist you in identifying which ICAM Training or Workshop is best for your specific needs. As always, if you have any questions or wish to clarify anything we’re happy to chat.

Interested in Knowing More?

Further information on Safety Wise’s Incident Cause Analysis (ICAM) Training is available from our website:

Additional ICAM Related Services

Safety Wise also offers the following additional services for sites that adopt the ICAM investigation analysis method:

  • Quality review of incident investigations using ICAM

  • Trend analysis of organisational factors contributing to serious incidents

  • Participation in investigations as an external / independent party


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