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Steve Horne

Principal Consultant

After a successful career in government service and completing his post-graduate studies, Steve applied his skills to industry, initially working in the refinery and construction industries.

This led to successful terms with the transport and chemical industries before moving to mining. These roles included engagement overseas and in Australia and led to a series of managerial roles in occupational health safety and training, including environmental portfolios on occasions. These roles included underground and open pit operations in a diverse mining group of products from coal to iron ore and gold.


After recognising a need for quality training within his chosen profession, Steve entered the legislative training arena working with CCIQ and ATBS delivering Certificate IV, Safety Officer, Safety Representative and associated legislative training.


In 2009 Steve qualified as a Principal Consultant with Safety Wise and now facilitates investigations and investigation training in Australia and overseas.

Steve has extensive skills and experience in:


  • Mining underground and open pit operations

  • Construction transport and chemical industries

  • OHS auditing and assessing

  • Development and implementation of safety management systems

  • Investigating incidents in most industries and developing tools and methods for ongoing management of incidents.

  • Facilitating and delivering training through interpreters and with diverse cultures

  • Facilitating all aspects of ICAM investigations using human error and human factor models.


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