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Erik Schu­­­­urmans


Erik has 30 years of experience in the metal industry and built hands-on EHS management systems across entire life of processes. He used ICAM for more than 15 years and was involved in at least a hundred ICAM investigations in a lot of foreign countries.

He is passioned about industrial safety and hygiene. The combination of technical skills and knowledge supported by practical industry experience with people of different cultural backgrounds has given Erik a high level of communication, understanding and adaptability to provide effective health and safety advisory and training services.

He coordinated a global Safety and Health team of 13 sites and realized from out that cockpit a significant reduction of the number of process safety and injury incidents. This brought him into unique operating environments as well in a corporate setting of a new founded multinational metal and mining company where systems started up from scratch.  

Erik joined the Safety Wise team in 2020 and has a wide working experience in Australia, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Norway before recently relocating to Belgium providing ICAM training, investigation and consulting services for clients in multiple industries. 

Erik has extensive skills and experience in:


  • Investigating incidents and accidents in chemical, metal, construction and aviation sectors in a number of different countries, including ICAM training and facilitation

  • Facilitating risk assessments and management plans

  • Development, implementation of emergency and crisis management plans

  • EHS Management system implementation, auditing from a corporate group perspective and advisory services.

  • Developing supervisor skills and leadership processes.

  • Expert in dangerous substances and related measurements.

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