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About Our Courses

Duration: 2 days
Course type: Face-to-face/ Public or in-house
Bonus content: Exclusive MICAM access & ICAM Toolkit


This face-to-face course is a comprehensive education in best-practice ICAM methods. Successful participants will receive the qualifications to supervise incident investigations in their workplace, as well as access to the tools needed to manage an investigation. Participants will also be provided online resources to extend their competency into other industries. 


Choose this course to turn safety leaders into ICAM experts. ICAM experts are responsible for keeping track of incidents, conducting detailed investigations, and determining the best response to workplace incidents. 

Safety Wise is a Registered Training Organisaiton (#21871).


Our competencies are:

BSBWHS515- Lead initial response to and investigate WHS incidents

PMAWHS310- Investigate incidents

RIIWHS301E- Conduct safety and health investigations

TLIF5017- Investigate rail safety incidents


Duration: 4 hours

Course type: Face-to-face

This course provides a high-level overview for supervising the ICAM process within an organisation. Participants will learn how the ICAM process works, how to assign roles and responsibilities to investigators, and how to assess the quality of investigative work.


Choose this course to train managers and supervisors in administering an ICAM program for your organisation. A well-managed program is key in ensuring effective review and response to workplace incidents.


Duration: 1 day

Course type: Face-to-face

This one-day course provides an extensive breakdown in ICAM management and is designed for Lead Investigators. This course teaches practical skills and strategies for introducing the ICAM process to an organisation that needs the best-practice solution for responding to workplace incidents. Successful participants will learn to implement effective investigative procedures, and learn how to mentor others in supervising the maintenance of these procedures.


Choose this course to train safety specialists in ICAM implementation. These specialists will transform an organisation’s incident response, reducing errors and oversight.


Duration: 1 day

Course type: Face-to-face

Bonus content: Workbook and instructional poster for all participants


This face-to-face course teaches basic incident investigation skills. Successful participants will learn how to assist in investigations under the leadership of a trained ICAM facilitator. Participants will also acquire the skills to independently investigate low-consequence equipment damage, injuries and production loss events. 


Choose this course to train key employees in the ICAM method, improving the quality of investigations, and the organisation-wide response to workplace incidents.

Available languages: French and English


ICAM Team Investigator training won Platinum & Gold for Best Video & Best eLearning Development Company in partnership with Croomo at the 
2017 LearnX Impact Awards!

Duration: 90 minutes

Course type: Online delivery

Bundled version Includes: access to the training module, Student Workbook, Facilitator Guide, and ICAM poster

Standalone version includes: access to the training module

This online course teaches basic incident investigation skills.


This course recreates an actual ICAM investigation, engaging participants in canvassing the scene, interviewing witnesses, and analysing the evidence.


On completion, participants will have the knowledge to assist trained facilitators in investigating incidents. 


Choose this 90-minute online course to efficiently train individual team members in the ICAM method- a great way to provide awareness of the ICAM investigation process or for refresher training for already trained investigators.