April 23, 2017

“For fools rush in where angels fear to tread…”. Sage words indeed, which I wish I
had known about and practiced before my two failed marriages and subsequent
financial settlements I had to pay out.  But I digress…  the phrase was written by the
English writer Ale...

April 3, 2017

I don’t often have the luxury of time to watch television or see movies, but over the Christmas holidays I actually sat with my children and watched a Spider Man movie.  Now I’m not totally ignorant about Spider Man - from watching cartoons when I was younger I still r...

March 21, 2017


As investigators we rely a lot on the information provided by witnesses. But sometimes they are reluctant to talk.

There are a variety of reasons that may cause a witness to be uncooperative such as:

  • Afraid of getting involved

  • Angry for being singled...

March 16, 2017

Nature versus Nurture. One of the oldest debates in the history of psychology. The nature vs nurture debate within psychology is concerned with the extent to which particular aspects of behaviour are a product of either inherited (i.e. genetic) or acquired (i.e. learne...

February 23, 2017


While positive thinking is great and we all like to think that our company won’t have a serious incident, it is critical that organisations are prepared for the worst case scenario.  Too often when Safety Wise Investigators are called in, we find ourselves...

January 18, 2017


If a notifiable Work Health Safety (WHS) incident occurs at your workplace, there is a good chance you will be investigated by the relevant state regulator. To protect both an individual’s and an organisation's legal interests, you can incorporate a simple...

December 6, 2016


The photographing of incident scenes is an essential skill of  a workplace incident investigator.

It provides a record of the scene for future reference and can visually demonstrate  what has happened and how it happened.   Photographs add great value when...

November 21, 2016


Audits and Incident Investigations are both very important components of our safety management systems. They often relate to each other but have distinct roles.

Case Study

Let’s consider a common, every day situation. A manager in a national distribution busi...

November 8, 2016

Many articles are written around the need to investigate an Incident or Failure no matter what that Incident or Failure is, we must identify its cause to prevent a recurrence.

 A recent Safety Wise ICAM project in the highlands of Papua New Guinea brought about a refres...

October 9, 2016


When people ask what I do and hear about the places I go, they tend to say things like “Gee, you’re lucky - you get to travel every week and go to so many places. It must be an interesting, great job”. I assure them that living out of a suitcase, seeing the...

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November 27, 2019

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