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Gerry Gibb

Expert ICAM Advisor

Considered the ‘founding father’ of the ICAM method, Gerry Gibb, has worked with some of the world’s leading organisations across multiple industries including mining, oil and gas, rail, aviation, sporting, health, government, and manufacturing. 

Gerry’s passion for incident investigation, risk management, and effective education strategies started off as an engineer in the Aviation Industry. During his time at BHP Billiton, he identified the opportunity to develop a standard approach to workplace incident investigations that could be applied globally and across any industry.

Gerry worked with the Global HSE team and relevant experts to understand and shape what an industry-leading process could look like. The result was the ICAM methodology, which is now considered the benchmark for incident investigations globally across multiple industries.

Although now retired from the business, Gerry continues to provide expert advice to ensure our service delivery is industry best practice.

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