Times have changed.

Occupational Violence and Aggression (OVA) is becoming an issue in many industries, including those we never thought we'd expect to see. 




This course has been designed with the knowledge and skills taught to Police over 30 years. 

Our Training Manager (OVA), Kev Perry, has taught Police to be safe in hostile environments, in areas such as Driver Training, Law, Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Close Personal Protection, Counter-Terrorism, Hostage Negotiation, Suicide Intervention and Critical Incident Response. These tactics have protected Prime Ministers, Presidents, Royalty, Ambassadors and VIP dignitaries.

Safety Wise saw an ever-increasing need for staff, in every workplace to become more situationally aware and understand the rapidly changing dynamics of Occupational Violence and Aggression.

In this new decade of dealing with the consequences of the pandemic, we are now seeing almost daily reports in the media of violence in the workplace, especially as employers grapple with the various mandates introduced around vaccinations, wearing of masks and similar initiatives.

In this training, we'll be providing a combination of online, self-paced training, as well as the options for hands-on practical training using state-of-the-art Virtual Reality (VR), to train staff to understand what situational awareness is and to recognise occupational violence and aggression, including de-escalation skills and how to remain safe when faced with these situations.

This training is not a self-defence class in the martial arts or the use of weapons.  We train staff to recognize the signs of OVA and maintain their safety and other customers in the vicinity until law enforcement or security arrive.  Being situationally aware with great communication skills.

The great thing about this training is it's not only for workplaces. These are life skills that can be used for any situation, whether at work, at home, out in public, on public transport or any other scenario where human interaction occurs.

The skills taught have saved lives!  Skills that we can teach you, to protect your life and others close to you.


In our training, we'll cover the following topics:

  • How to be safe in unsafe situations

  • Why do we need to be situationally aware?

  • The dangers of tunnel vision

  • Understanding levels of awareness

  • Assessing a situation

  • Recognising violence indicators

  • De-Escalation Skills

  • How to utilize action vs. reaction

  • Using cover and concealment

  • Understanding time and distance


We'll be providing multiple options for the delivery of this training, including:

  • Self-paced, online training

  • Face-to-face training

  • Virtual Reality scenarios



Q. When is the new course going to go live for delivery?

A. February 2022

Q. Will the course be available as a public course or an in-house course?

A. Both!

Q. Will handouts be available with the course?

A. Yes

Q. Is the course available in English only?

A. We have options- let's chat about your specific needs

Q. Is this new course available for delivery only in Australia?

A. The online training component will be available globally. Let's chat about in-country face-to-face training if that is a requirement for your business

Q. Can this course be contextualized to align with our company policies and processes?

A. Absolutely! All of our courses can be. But.... any change we make, must not compromise the integrity of our processes taught

Q. Can course materials and learning tools be contextualized with our logos and other sutff?

A. You bet they can be! But.... any change we make, must not compromise the integrity of the processes taught


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