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Ivan Rigoletto
Ivan Rigoletto


Ivan is a chemical and safety engineer and holds an MSc on Civil Engineering and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering all in Unicamp, the 2nd best university in Brazil. He has more than 30 years’ EHS experience in the industrial sector in different roles. Such experience is more significant in chemical and mining industries, plus electronics and customer goods, in Latin America and Africa on implementing and managing EHS processes. Ivan has participated in the development of ISO14001 standard, as well as many other standards in Brazil. Ivan also holds a NEBOSH Industrial Safety Professional certification.


Being directly accountable for EHS teams and performance in the majority of countries in Latin America and South Africa, Ivan was able to develop a technical skill set on people interactions, as well as have contact with all kinds of scenarios, issues and situations, since permitting in different countries, audits (compliance, management systems, due diligences, governmental). He is also involved in regulations review committees in Brazil.


Ivan is part-time professor in various Brazilian universities since 2010, and a Senior Researcher at UnB (the Federal University of Brasilia). With strong teaching skills and a solid technical background, Ivan joined Safety Wise in 2023 to provide ICAM training and incident investigation for Portuguese speaking countries, as well as support Americas’ operations.

  • HSEC management in intense industries – Chemical and Mining

  • Risk management and control

  • Incident investigation and action plans implementation

  • Management systems implementation and improvement

  • ESG interfaces with Safety Management

  • EHS audits (compliance, M&A, management systems)

  • Management of Social License to Operate on mining complexes in 3 countries

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